Land of creativity
Land of creativity Discover the land of Basque
Land of traditions
Land of traditions Discover the land of Basque
Land of inspiration
Land of inspiration Discover the land of Basque
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Land of taste Discover the land of Basque
Land of arts
Land of art Discover the land of Basque
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Land of culture Discover the land of Basque
Land of authenticity
Land of authenticity Discover the land of Basque
Land of Basque
Land of Basque Discover the land of Basque
Basqueculture is an official website designed for international audiences, focusing on various aspects of Basque culture, art, creativity, heritage and language (Euskara). It is a window into the culture of our land. We invite you to look through the window and explore the articles, stories and essays by the people who create and shape our culture.



Bodies that take to the streets

At the turn of the new century, a woman in a black skirt stood in the middle of the Brooklyn Bridge, facing the camera. She opened her legs and began to urinate, standing there out in the open.


New Basque cinema: on flowers and giants

Today’s Basque cinema could be compared to a brilliant spring flower: its sturdy, upright stem leads to a series of colourful petals that sparkle in the sun, and suddenly the everything around it becomes incredibly beautiful.

M-5 stapler
Architecture, design and fashion

Basque design proving its worth

This is the beginning of an amazing history, the history of the Basque people through small stories of production, industry, culture and intangible heritage.


An outfit worn around the world

"Languages are like coats: if you only have one, it’s the only one you can wear, rain or shine. But if you have two, or three, or even more, you can decide which one to put on every day...". is also a gateway for industry professionals from other countries seeking information on the audiovisual, music, publishing, performing arts and plastic art sectors, as well as Basque heritage and language. This website will allow you to contact the main actors in these sectors.

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01. The land of the Basque language

Euskal Herria, which means ‘land of the Basque language’, is located in southern Europe, at the western end of the Pyrenees. It straddles both sides of the mountain range, through valleys and plains to the wild Cantabrian Sea. This ancient land boasts an extraordinary culture, and a language unlike any other in the world. The Basque Country, also known as Euskadi or Euskal Herria, is inclusive and welcoming, and everything is within easy reach. Having adapted to change, this modern society leads the way in Europe in terms of quality of life and sustainable development.


02. Euskara, an ancient language of unknown origin

Euskara is the oldest living language in Europe. Its origin remains a mystery and it bears no resemblance to any other family of languages. It has survived for centuries, and in so doing, the Basques have preserved a rich, unique culture. A case in point is the robust health enjoyed by the Basque art of improvised verse (bertsolaritza), a formidable force in Basque culture today. Currently, some 900,000 people speak Basque. The language also enjoys a strong presence in the educational, cultural, social and digital spheres.

Society and traditions

03. A land of authenticity

This is a land of deep roots and unique traditions, folklore, and mythology. Together with the language, they occupy a prominent place in the collective imagination. But more than just a way of interpreting the past, our heritage serves as a basis on which to forge our future. Ours is a modern land where tradition and modernity live together in harmony.